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Barnum Financial Group

We help over a quarter million clients, nationwide create wealth and make smart money decisions through our financial planning and consulting services. At Barnum Financial Group, we provide a full range of investment and risk management products and services to individuals and their families, as well as small businesses, corporations, government entities, and not-for-profit organizations and their employees in all fifty states.

Founded in 1950 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Barnum Financial Group was named in honor of American showman and business leader P.T. Barnum, Bridgeport’s most famous citizen. With offices in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island, Barnum has a team of resources to help create customized solutions to fit your goals and circumstances.

Working For the Future You Want

You have dreams of what you want out of life. Maybe it’s a comfortable retirement, or sending your children to college or passing on the family business. Whatever your dreams, Barnum Financial Group will work with you to help you achieve the future you want with strategic financial planning.